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Forecasting demand for customer service is one of the most important ingredients in the planning and scheduling process.  QServ provides several options for creating forecasts of sales and other measures of work (drivers). 

The options range from simple entry of forecasts to calculation of forecasts at the merchandise level based on sales history.

Direct Entry of Forecasts

QServ makes direct entry of forecasts simple. Corporate administrators can enter forecasts by week by location and store managers can then refine the top level forecast by distributing the forecast to individual scheduling areas by day.

Import Forecasts

If your organization has an existing forecasting system the output from that system can be easily imported into the QServ database.

Forecast Calculation

The QServ Forecasting engine generates year-over-year sales forecasts at the merchandise level by day using historical data. The merchandise level forecasts are linked to scheduling areas based on a cross-reference table. This detailed level forecasting by day by scheduling area (typically not available in merchandise systems) is used to predict the workload for each scheduling area.

Holidays, promotions, and other special events are taken into account by linking them to similar events in the prior year using the Event Calendar.

The detailed forecasts created by QServ can be easily scaled up or down so that company or location totals are consistent with those from an alternative (e.g., financial) system, while preserving QServ's detail level forecasts which are necessary for calculating ideal staffing requirements.

Forecast relationships can be defined that extend system generated forecasts based on historical data into forecasts for other drivers for which historical data is not available.

For example, forecast relationships can be used to create a forecast for a back office driver based on the sales forecast.


Enter Forecasts Directly

Import Forecasts

Calculate Forecasts

Synchronize With Corporate Plan

Compare Forecasts and Actuals

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