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Scheduling Overview

The QServ Scheduling process uses the forecasting, planning, ideal staffing, and scheduling engines, and includes the following capabilities:

  • Forecasting - QServ provides comprehensive forecasting for selling and non-selling functions based on sales, transaction volume, or other drivers. POS data is typically used as the basis of the calculated forecast. QServ takes into account holidays, promotions, and other special events. QServ produces forecasts at the level of detail needed to support scheduling while most merchandise systems do not.

  • Planning/Budgeting - Using its own sales forecasts or externally produced forecasts, QServ determines department budgets in dollars, base hours, and flex hours. QServ automatically adjusts plans and staff requirements for extended store hours, promotions, and holidays. With a single mouse click QServ will generate daily plan hours and costs by scheduling area to achieve a store or company level productivity or selling cost objective for a week, month, or season.

  • Ideal (Target) Staffing - Based on the plan above, the QServ staffing component computes the ideal coverage by time of day for each function independent of current staffing constraints. The result is the true coverage objective.

  • Schedule Calculation - The QServ scheduler provides the best match to the target coverage requirements subject to associate availability and preferences, labor laws, and corporate scheduling rules. QServ easily handles vacations, holidays, special events, associate goals, and fixed and flexible schedules.

  • Schedule Review - To ensure that operator edits are actually improving coverage, QServ provides comprehensive audit reports that show where edits were made and how edits have impacted coverage and cost. Administrators can lock schedules prior to posting and release to associates for access via smartphone or tablet.

Although the above is typically implemented as an integrated package, the components can easily be used independently in conjunction with other systems. For example an external forecasting system can be used in lieu of the QServ forecasting component


Scheduling Overview

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