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Managing Time Records

Actual time records (punches) represent the fundamental data for the preparation of payroll.  When combined with scheduled time records they provide the basis for the evaluation of associate absenteeism and tardiness and the defense against possible legal action by associates claiming violation of federal and/or state work rules or unfair termination.

Actual time records are added to the QServ database by the QServ Time Clock or by importing data from a separate time capture system.

Simple User Interface

The process of managing time records involves correcting time record errors resulting from missed punches using the Time Record view or the Time Card view. The time record view is identical to the schedule grid view with the exception that coverage and performance related information is suppressed. The Time Card view presents both time records and hours for an individual associate for a week and can be used to correct time record errors and to enter hours adjustments.

Timely Correction of Errors

QServ includes several features designed to ensure that time record errors are corrected in a timely manner so as not to impact the payroll process that produces associate pay checks.

Automatic Prompt to Review Adjustments

If time clocks are configured to allow associates to enter times for missing punches the system automatically prompts payroll administrators at login to review pending time record adjustments that associates have entered at QServ Time Clocks and either accept or deny the adjustments.

Automatic Prompt to Correct Errors

If time record errors exist then QServ automatically loads the time record view for the scheduling area with errors and highlights the errors in red whenever a payroll administrator logs into the system.

Automatic Prompt to Release Time Records

Following a configurable grace period after the end of a payroll period administrators are automatically prompted to release time records so the payroll export process can be completed.

Monitoring Time Record Activity

QServ provides over 40 different reports for monitoring the status of time and attendance information.  The "Punch Edit" and "Time Sheet Aproval" reports shown in the right side bar are examples of the many reports available to insure the accuracy of the time and attendance information.

Time Record View

The user interface for editing time records is the same as the user interface for editing schedules, with the exception that coverage and performance information is suppressed.

Timecard View

The time card view presents both punches and hours for an individual associate for a selected week. Hours adjustments as well as punch edits can be entered directly into the time card view.

Automatic Prompt to Approve Adjustments

When store level managers responsible for payroll administration login into the system they are prompted to review any pending time record adjustments that have been entered by associates using the time clock.

Automatic Prompt to Correct Errors

When any pending time record adjustments have been addressed store level payroll administrators are prompted to correct missing or inconsistent time records.

Automatic Prompt to Release Time Records

Payroll administrators receive a prompt at login to release time records for payroll processing following the end of a payroll period.

Punch Edit History

The Punch Edit report documents the source and timing of manually entered edits of time record information.

Time Sheet Approval Status

The Time Sheet Approval report indicates the status of associate time sheet approvals and provides access to the image of time sheets as approved by associates.

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