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Time and Attendance Overview

Managing retail associates can be challenging.

Most associates are conscientious, dedicated and reliable. But for some associates, arriving on time, on the days when they are scheduled to work, and leaving when they are scheduled to leave is problematic.

Especially in the retail industry, tardiness and absenteeism have a direct impact on the bottom line.  Unlike an office environment where an associate can make up for being late by working a little later, in the retail environment when an associate fails to arrive for store opening sales will be lost - and you can't get them back.

Another important time and attendance consideration is highlighted in the articles shown in the right side bar.  In today's litigious environment a claim for unpaid overtime can come out of the blue with no warning.  As Mina Kimes from Fortune Small Business states:

"For now, the best that a small-business owner can do to avoid overtime lawsuits is keep painstaking payroll records for nonexempt employees and consult an employment lawyer to verify workers' status. And make sure to keep a sharp eye out for the kind of dedicated worker who might be tempted to skip lunch. "

A time sheet, approved by the associate, is often a critical factor in avoiding a lawsuit.

That's why the QServ time clock includes an associate "approve time sheet" function.  Once a time sheet has been approved by an associate the underlying time records and schedules are locked to prevent any further modification and an image of the approved time sheet is stored in the QServ database. The approved time sheet image can't be modified and can be retrieved as supporting documentation at any time.

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