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Schedule Review

QServ provides several reports that can be used by central administrators to monitor the quality of schedules after edits, assess compliance with labor laws for the timing of relief periods and identify conflicts between actual associate schedules and associate scheduling properties.

Schedule Hours and Cost Control

QServ provides a variety of performance reports designed to allow administrators to easily monitor scheduled hours and cost versus planned hours and cost. These reports are critical to achieving the planned financial performance of the company.

Schedule Quality

The fundamental measure of schedule quality is the difference between scheduled coverage and ideal coverage.  The ideal staffing engine produces ideal staffing by scheduling area by quarter hour.  Scheduled staffing is compared to ideal staffing to produce a coverage score indicating the schedule quality.  The score calculation uses proprietary logic that evaluates the impact on customer service resulting from shortages (scheduled staffing less than ideal staffing).  The score calculation logic incorporates elements of queuing theory and is a much better measure of schedule quality than a simple summation of shortages.

Schedule Edits

If store users of the system have permission to edit schedules then it is important to monitor the impact of edits on schedule quality.  Store level schedule edits consume the time of important associates in the store and often degrade schedule quality.  QServ provides reports to monitor how store users are changing schedules and how the edits affect schedule quality and adherence to plan hour constraints.

Associate Commitments

When associates are hired management normally commits to the hours, shift lengths, number of shifts and the timing of shifts that will be included in an associate’s weekly schedules.  QServ provides reports to monitor whether schedules after edits are in compliance with these commitments.

Schedule vs Plan

The schedule vs plan by location report compares sheduled hours and cost versus planned hours and cost and highlights exceptions in red.

Coverage Score

The coverage score report provides the coverage score by day by location or scheduling area. Days with scores less than a user specified minimum level of coverage are highlighted in red.

Coverage Graph

The coverage graph compares scheduled staffing by quarter hour versus ideal staffing. Understaffing is shown as red while overstaffing is shown as yellow.

Edit Percentage

The edit perecentage report shows the percentage of system generated shifts that have either been added, deleted or modified by store users if store level schedule edits are allowed.

Edit Results

The edit results report shows the impact of store level edits on overstaffing and undestaffing. In the example below hours have been added but both understaffing and overstaffng have increased - a frequent and not a good outcome.

Schedule vs Associate Profile

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