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Time Capture

QServ uses a simple but robust software time clock to capture associate time records.  The software clock runs on PCs and compatible POS devices. 

Since the time clock is software based it provides complete flexibility in terms of function, button configuration and appearance.  Administrators using QServ WFM can configure time clocks as needed with changes reflected immediately.

This means it is a simple matter to configure clock functionality to match the requirements of     different areas of the organization.  On the selling floor simple in and out punches may be adequate, while for the distribution center and back office assignment of time records by department may be desirable.

Some of the key features of the QServ time clock are outlined below.

Simple User Interface

The QServ time clock is designed to function without a mouse, touch screen or bio-metric device.  A few simple keyboard strokes are all that are needed to perform basic clock functions.  However, it also functions well with a mouse, touch screen and bio-metric device.

Timesheet Approval

Timesheet approval is an optional feature that can be enabled for selected groups of associates.  When enabled time clocks automatically prompt associates to approve their timesheet at week end or end of a payroll period. Approved timesheets are captured as images, saved to the database and available for viewing or printing at any time.  Since the approved timesheets are saved as images system users cannot modify the information.  If time records are modified after approval associates are prompted to re-approve the new version of the timesheet.

Associates can also view/print their time sheet for the current and prior weeks at any time.  The timesheet view presents punches and optionally hours by day and week to date.

Punch Restriction

Optional punch restriction rules can be applied to selected groups of associates to block punches that differ from an associate’s schedule.  When associates attempt to punch in before a user defined grace period preceding their scheduled in time they are prompted to obtain a supervisory override to complete the in punch.  Similar rules can be defined for late in, early out and late out punches.

Schedule Change Notification

Whenever an associate punches in or out QServ checks to see if the associate’s schedule has changed since their last punch.  If the associate’s schedule has changed within a user defined look ahead period the associate is prompted to select the Schedule View to view/print their revised schedule.

Associates can also view/print their schedules for a current, prior or future week at any time.  The schedule view presents shift start and finish times, meals and breaks and hours by day and week to date.

Department Transfer

If the department transfer function is not enabled for a clock configuration then punches are assigned to an associate’s home scheduling area.  If the department transfer function is enabled for a clock configuration then associates are required to select where the current punch should be assigned when they clock in.  If they then move to another scheduling area they can record their reassignment using the department transfer button.

Optional Authentication Question

Time clocks can be configured to include an optional randomly selected authentication question each time an associate enters their employee number or clock identification number.  The authentication question is selected from simple information contained in the associate’s profile. Example questions include the last four digits of the associate’s phone, street number address of the associate’s home address and other easily remembered responses.

The authentication step reduces errors resulting from mis-keyed associate numbers and impedes entry of punches for associates that are not actually present. 

Time-Off Requests

With the time-off function enabled associates can enter requests for time off via the time clock.  Pending time-off requests can be approved by a supervisor with access to QServ WFM.  Once a pending request is approved the associate receives notification of the approval at the time clock.

Optional Entry of Missing Punches

Time clocks can be configured to allow associates to enter times for missed punches.  The entries are marked as pending and can be accepted or denied when managers are reviewing and editing time records.

Optional Entry of Adjustment Requests

Entry of missing punches may be beyond the skill level of associates as it requires key entry of missing times in a grid form.  A simpler option can be enabled that allows associates to simply enter a free format adjustment request that is displayed when the associate’s manager logins into the QServ WFM application. If the manager agrees with the request it can be entered by the manager in the time record view.


The optional comment function can be used to enter information about the activity being performed during a shift segment.  Typically used when the department transfer function is enabled and associates move between different activities during a shift.

Local Time Record Cache

The time clock includes features to ensure that all time records are recorded, even when a time clock is off-line due to network issues.  Data in the local cache is encrypted and read-only and is retained for a user defined period of time.  The local cache can also be accessed to recover time records in the event that data is lost after being transmitted to the central server.



Simple User Interface

Clocks can be configured to capture information appropriate for the area where installed.

Time Sheet Approval

Associates are automatically prompted to approve their time sheets at the end of each payroll period. Time Sheet images are captured and saved to the database as images that cannot be modified.

Punch Restriction

Punches for selected associates can be blocked when they vary from scheduled times. A supervisor override is required to apply the punch.

Schedule Change Notification

Associates are automatically notified when their schedules change and are prompted to view their new schedule.

Department Transfer

The optional department transfer function allows tracking of hours by scheduling area and function.


Optional authentication step when signing into time clocks presents a randomly selected verification question to limit sign in errors and entry of punches by co-workers.

Time Off Requests

Optional time off function allows associates to enter time off requests at the time clock for subsequent supervisor approval.

Entry of Missing Punches

Optional entry of missing punches for subsequent supervisor approval.

Request Supervisor Adjustment

Optional screen for associates to request adjustments to be entered by their supervisor.


Optional comment function allows associates to attach a explanatory comment to time records.

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