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Hours and Attendance Control

A variety of QServ reports enable management to effectively control hours, costs and associate absenteeism and tardiness.

Extra Hours

Extra hours represent hours paid but not scheduled and result in additional cost to the company with no beneficial coverage. Extra hours occur when associates:

  • clock in early
  • clock out late
  • skip or take short unpaid relief periods
  • work unscheduled shifts

The Extra Hours by Area report makes it easy to identify problem scheduling areas. The Extra Hours by Associate with Detail report provides the information needed to support disciplinary action. Although enabling time clock punch restrictions can help to reduce the extra hours resulting from early in punches and late out punches.

Absenteeism and Tardiness

For the retail industry, tardiness and absenteeism have a direct impact on the bottom line.  Unlike an office environment where an associate can make up for being late by working a little later, in the retail environment when an associate fails to arrive for store opening sales will be lost - and the you can't get them back.

The T&A Detail report provides specific information about each instance of tardiness and absenteeism by associate and scheduling area.  The Tardiness by Associate report shows summary information for late in punches and early out punches.

Controlling Overtime

The Overtime Warning report identifies associates that will exceed weekly overtime limits based on actual hours worked to date plus scheduled for the remainder of the week.  Managers can then reassign shifts to other associates to avoid paying overtime.

Meal and Break Compliance

The company is put at risk of violating federal and state work rules if associates fail to take scheduled relief periods.  The Meal/Break Compliance report provides managers with the information needed to ensure that associates are in fact taking their required relief periods.

Extra Hours by Area

The Extra Hours by Area report identifies the unscheduled cost resulting associates that start a shift before the scheduled start time, extend a shift beyond the scheduled end time or take an unpaid relief period that is less than the scheduled duration of the relief period.

Extra Hours with Detail

The Extra Hours by Associate with Detail provides the detail information about each extra hours event. This includes the scheduled and actual times for in and out punches and the date and duration of short meals.

Tardiness and Absenteeism

The T&A Detail report shows tardiness and absenteeism by associate and is intended to be used during periodic associate reviews.

Overtime Warning

The Overtime Warning report calculates the likely total hours for the current week by adding the actual hours week to date and the remaining scheduled shifts for the week. The result is compared to the applicable weekly overtime rules for the associate. Managers can adjust the remaining shifts for the week to avoid unwanted overtime.

Meal and Break Compliance

The Meal Break Compliance by Area by Associate report is rendered in treeview format so users can drill down to the associate level for scheduling areas that have an exceptional frequency of missed, late or short relief periods. A missed meal occurs when an associate works a shift long enough to require a relief period and fails to take the relief period during the shift. A late meal occurs when an associate takes a meal break but does so after the maximum work period without a break is exceeded. Short meals occur when an associates takes a meal break but the duration of the break is less than required by the applicable meal and break rules.

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