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Sql Server Express Install Instructions

1. Download Sql Server Express from the official Microsoft web site by clicking here..

2. With the Windows file explorer navigate to the folder containing the downloaded installation file. Double click the downloaded file to begin the install.

3. Select Custom as the Installation Type and then click on the Install button.

4. On the Sql Server Installation Center window select the "New stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation." option.

5. Accept the terms of the license agreement.

6. On the Feature Selection window deselect the "Sql Server Replication" and "Machine Learning Services" options.

7. IMPORTANT: Make sure the "Client Tools Connectivity" option is selected and then click on the Next button.

8. On the Instance Configuration window select the "Named Instance" option. Optionally enter an instance name of your choice.

9. On the Server Configuration window set the Start Up Type for the Sql Server Browser to "Automatic".

10. On the Database Engine Configuration window set the Authentication Mode to "Mixed Mode" and enter a password for the System Administrator. Write the password down. Click on the Next button to start the system update.

11. On the Complete window you should see "Succeeded" for each of the features. Click on the Close button.

12. Close the Sql Server Installation Center window.

13. From the Windows Start Menu select the Sql Server Configuration Manager under the Microsoft Sql Server program group. We will use the configuration manager to enable the TCP/IP protocol for the new server installation.

14. Click on the Sql Native Client Configuration item and confirm that TCP/IP is enabled.

15. Then expand the Sql Server Network Configuration item and click on the named instance of Sql Server Express that was created. By default the installation procedure does not enable the TCP/IP protocol so you should right click the protocol and select Enable.

16. Next double click on the TCP/IP protocol, select the IP Addresses tab and scroll to the bottom item "IPAll" and set the TCP port to 1433.

17. Finally, click on the Sql Server Services item. Right click the instance of Sql Server Express that was created and select the Restart option.

18. This completes the installation of Sql Server Express.

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