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What Is QServ?

The QServ Workforce Management System is composed of the following elements:

  • QServ On the Go - Special web pages provide smartphone and tablet access to important operational information from any place, any time.
  • The QServ Time Clock - The QServ Time Clock application runs as a client on your local client Windows computers.  The time clock application can also run on compatible POS devices.  The time clock accepts associate time records (punches), department transfers, time off requests, associate time sheet approvals and optional associate comments.
  • The QServ Workforce Manager - The QServ WFM also runs as a client on your local client Windows computers and is used to maintain associate information, time and attendance records, schedules, forecasts, plans/budgets and setup information that controls how the system operates.
  • A Database Server - The database server is the central repository for information.  The database server can be one that is operated by your IT staff or one that is operated by the provider of cloud services that Focus Systems Corporation has selected.
  • A Network - The network supports communication between the QServ components and the database server.  The network can be a private intranet, a virtual private network or the internet depending on the database server configuration and other factors.
  • Data Exchange Facilities - Data exchange facilities support the transfer of information between the QServ Workforce Management System and other systems and productivity tools. User configurable import and export procedures allow easy exchange of information with your existing systems with little or no requirement for custom programming.


QServ Components

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