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Payroll Export

The QServ process for creating the payroll export file upon completion of a payroll period is designed to ensure that:

  • time record errors are minimized;
  • the calculation of premium and overtime hours conform to state and federal requirements, as well as, requirements imposed by applicable union agreements, based on the user defined rules for overtime and premium pay;
  • all appropriate backup information is available to respond to potential legal action on the part of a disgruntled associate;
  • hours records are available for export in accordance with the payroll processing schedule; and,
  • payroll administrators have access to the information needed to audit and control the payroll export process.

The following paragraphs outline the QServ payroll export process.

Enter Hours Adjustments

The QServ timecard form can be used to correct time record errors and enter hours adjustments.  User group permissions limit the type of hours adjustments that can be entered: block adjustments that change total hours for a day, block adjustments that change total hours for the week or allow adjustments that alter total hours for a day and total hours for the week.

Editing rules by associate pay group and user group limit which hours codes that can be applied when entering adjustments.  For example, entry of adjustments for certain hours codes can be limited to central payroll administrators.  Similarly, entry of adjustments for certain hours codes can be blocked for members of selected associate pay groups.

Hours adjustments can be entered for prior weeks and will be included in the export for the current payroll period, while performance reports will reflect when the hours were actually worked.

Associate Time Sheet Approval

For select associates an optional setting causes an immediate prompt for associates to approve their time sheets following the end of a payroll period.  Approved time sheets are saved to the QServ database as images and therefore cannot be modified.  The approved time sheet images are available to defend against possible associate legal action.

Release Time Record Prompt

Following a user defined grace period after the end of a payroll period store users with payroll permissions are automatically prompted to release time records for payroll processing.  The release process includes a check for time record errors and time sheet approvals.

Central payroll can override the release status of all areas with a single action allowing the payroll export process to proceed with missing time sheet approvals and time record errors.  Appropriate adjustments can be applied after the export for inclusion in a subsequent payroll export.

Once time records have been released for payroll processing all time record edits are blocked for the payroll period.

Payroll Export

The payroll export process creates a “CSV” in a user specified format.  Each area on the organization tree has an associated account code and each hours code in the QServ database has a corresponding external hours code.  This means it is possible to track hours in greater deal in terms of organization assignment and hours type and still produce an export file that matches the organization and hours code structure of the payroll system.

Central payroll can suppress payroll export for specific associates for cases when an associate has been terminated and a special check has been cut at the time of termination.

Central payroll can review reports showing time record exceptions and hours adjustments.  A right click on an associate in reports provides access to the associate’s time card where punch errors and adjustments can be directly entered.

Preliminary export files can be created for review before the final payroll export.

In the event of an operational error resulting in the destruction of a final payroll file central administrators with special permissions can undo a final payroll and recreate the final payroll file.

Enter Hours Adjustments

Managers enter hours adjustments using the time card form. In the case shown below training hours are added for an associate.

Punch Exceptions

Managers review the punch exceptions report to identify time record errors and make corrections using the time card form.

Time Sheet Approval

Associates are prompted to approve time sheets after the end of the payroll period.

Time Sheet Approval Report

Managers review the status of time sheet approvals prior to releasing time records for payroll processing.

Time Record Release

Store payroll managers are prompted to release time records for payroll processing following a user specified grace period after the end of a payroll period. System prompts identify time record errors and time sheets that have not been approved.

Payroll Hours Review

Central payroll administrators review pending hours to be included in the export for the current payroll period. Rignt click an associate to view the time card for the associate. Sort by hours code descending to identify associates with unanticipated overtime hours.

Payroll Export

Central payroll administrators start the payroll export. Warnings are provided for time record errors, time sheets that have not been approved and time records that have not been released. Central administrators can override the warnings and complete the payroll export. Preliminary export files can be created for review before creation of the final export file.

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