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How Much Will It Cost?

The cost associated with using the QServ Workforce Manager is related to the following:

  • Employee Count - The underlying price is based on the number of employees included in the database.
  • Location Count - The price is also affected by the number of locations included in the database.
  • Feature Selection - The particular QServ features that your organization selects.  Your feature selection can be easily altered over time.  You can start simple and expand your feature selection as you become proficient and comfortable using the system  .
  • Data Retention Rules - Storage requirements are related to the number of years of history available on-line. When using the cloud implementation approach fees for cloud services are in part determined by the amount of data stored on the cloud server. We generally recommend maintaining time and attendance history for the current year plus the preceding four years. To minimize storage requirements on the cloud server users can export time and attendance history to a local storage facility.
  • Implementation Approach - If you elect to  operate QServ over the internet accessing our cloud based servers you will incur operational service charges related to the size of your database and the amount of network traffic.  Alternatively, if you elect to operate QServ on your own servers operational service charges will not apply.
  • Commitment Period - You can use QServ with no commitment period.  Alternatively, committing for longer periods will lower your per employee/feature charge.


Select only those features you need to begin and then add additional features as usage grows.

Cost Factors

Factors used to calculate monthly usage fees are listed below:

  • Employee Count
  • Location Count
  • Feature Selection
  • Cloud vs. On Premise Server
  • Data Retention Requirements
  • Commitment Period


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