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QServ Workforce Management System

The QServ Workforce Management System (WFM) is a comprehensive solution for scheduling associates and managing time and attendance. Highly refined and proven in over 25 years of use, it represents the most advanced and cost effective solution available today. A vast array of configuration options allow features and processing steps to be turned on or off, providing a solution for both simple and complex environments.

Now available as a cloud based application, QServ affords organizations of all sizes the opportunity to realize the benefits of a sophisticated workforce management system without incurring the infrastructure costs associated with building, maintaining and staffing a complex computer facility.

Smartphone and tablet web pages provide managers and associates with access to critical information about scheduled and actual coverage, associate time sheets and associate schedules while on the selling floor, at home or in the office. Click on the image to sample some of the information available while ON the GO.

Focus Systems Corporation, provider of the QServ WFM, has been serving the needs of large retail organizations for over 25 years. With the availability of cloud based computing it is now cost effective for smaller organizations to achieve improved customer service, higher levels of associate productivity, more effective cost control, and greater profitability.

Focus Systems Corporation has recently introduced a reseller program for professional service organizations offering services to the retail industry. Learn more about our reseller program here.

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